Water Heaters Only, Inc. services many areas throughout California and we try to get out to those areas and meet with current and/or prospective clients as well as members of the community as much as possible. And we enjoy it, no matter where it is in California. However, we must admit that if these trips […]

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What About Tankless?

We are often asked “What about tankless?” Tankless water heaters have been in existence for nearly a century and they are once again becoming a very popular choice here in the U.S. However, for those considering a tankless water heater, there are some differences – both good and bad – that people should be aware […]

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Not Enough Hot Water

Have you noticed lately that you run out of hot water before your shower is over or before your bath is full? Or does that only occur when you have guests staying with you? Either way, running out of hot water is no fun and could be caused by a couple different issues. Keep reading […]

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