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Water Heaters Only, Inc. services many areas throughout California and we try to get out to those areas and meet with current and/or prospective clients as well as members of the community as much as possible. And we enjoy it, no matter where it is in California. However, we must admit that if these trips happen to involve a beach community, so much the better. That was the case last week when we made our way to San Diego to attend the 41st annual San Diego County Apartment Association Rental Housing Education Conference and Expo. The event was held in the San Diego Convention Center right in downtown.

San Diego Show Convention Center

While we didn’t have time for any real beach fun (we were there for work, of course), we did manage to make it out to Coronado Island and got this shot of what is considered one of the best beaches in San Diego.

Beach San Diego Coronado




Of course, it’s hard to fully appreciate the scenic vista that is San Diego without getting a bird’s eye view, which is exactly what we did when we visited the Top of the Hyatt aka the Sky Lounge. This is located on the 40th floor of the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Hotel right next to the convention center and gave us a wonderful view.

San Diego Show BayWe have to admit that it is hard to get into business mode when you are in a town like San Diego, but we know how to work hard and play hard here at Water Heaters Only, Inc and the fact is we were there for business. At the convention, we met and talked with many different property owners and managers as well as real estate professionals and we hope we took the first steps to forging a good relationship with the various business professionals in these fields. The expo had a college theme, so there were plenty of booths decked out with Greek letters as well as a plethora of beer pong tables (no, they weren’t giving people actual beer) and even a toga or two. Not to be outdone, we made sure our booth had a college feel to it as well.

SDCAA Show In San Diego

Overall, the show was a great success and a lot of fun. We met a lot of great people and hopefully made some good business contacts and forged some good relationships as we continue to provide honest reliable water heater service in the San Diego area. If you need service in the San Diego area, you can always call us at (619) 222-3814 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our website has all kinds of great information including details about our service areas, San Diego code requirements and even the latest reviews about our service, so be sure to check it out. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about our San Diego trip and hopefully we’ll see you at the next show!