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Do you need a water heater installation?

Water Heaters Only, Inc has been installing and replacing water heaters for over 55 years. Specializing in one aspect of plumbing allows us to be experts at what we do by staying fully knowledgeable about product and brand changes and keeping up to date on local code requirements and keeping our pricing very competitive. We always strive to provide quick service at an affordable price, but doing a quality job is what has helped us stay in business for so long.

While water heaters themselves are fairly similar from brand to brand and model to model, each water heater installation is different. Between the location the water heater is installed in and the way the water heater installation was done previously, almost every job we arrive at is very different. Some jobs are easier than others, but there are standard requirements used for each installation.

Basic Installations
  • Water Shut Off Valves
  • Hot and Cold Piping
  • Earthquake Strapping and Bracing
  • Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Gas Piping
  • Electrical Disconnects
  • Bonding
  • Venting

At Water Heaters Only, Inc we offer an onsite estimate to determine the work that needs to be done and the exact costs that are associated with that work. This way we only charge for the work that is required and we can offer the best product that will fit the needs of the household and the installation location. Call (619) 222-3814 to speak with one of our water heater experts. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we never charge extra for evenings, weekends or holidays and will be happy to schedule an appointment for an onsite estimate.

Read our online reviews and watch our customer testimonials to hear directly from our customers why Water Heaters Only, Inc is the only call you need to make when you need water heater service.

Here is a sample of some of our latest water heater installations
Water Heater Installation Code Information

Looking for San Diego water heater installation code requirement information – click here. As a piece of resource information we have outlined the general code requirements for most most municipalities in the greater San Diego area. If you need more detailed information for your city or municipality we always recommend you contact the city directly. This way you can have their most up to date version of their interpretation of the water heater section of the uniform plumbing code. This should include what version of the code they have adopted and what they require for final inspections. See our service area page for the city you reside in and use the link at the bottom to reach the city building department page.