Water Heaters Only, Inc. installs a variety of water heating products and brands. The brand of water heater we install is important, but more important to us at Water Heaters Only is: what’s behind the brand name? Click below for the type of water heater you are interested in to learn more.

Types of Water Heaters San Diego


Traditional Tank      Tankless      High Efficiency       Commercial

Quality: We look for quality that shows up in longevity and features that get you more hot water at a lower price.  Some manufacturers offer different features for different models, we know what specifications to look for in a water heater so we can provide a top quality product to our customers without incurring additional costs. 

Experience: Water Heaters Only, Inc has purchased and installed most brands of water heaters sold in the United States today, during our 50 years in business. We are confident we know them all pretty well.  At Water Heaters Only, Inc. we stay in touch with the manufacturers to keep up on new product designs and innovations and our technicians receive continual training on the latest product and design changes.

Customer Service: Customer service is something we pride ourselves on so we strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible. Maybe that’s why were celebrating our 50th year servicing and installing water heaters. If you have a question regarding a certain brand or would like more information about our services, call (619) 222-3814  24 hours a day to speak with a live water heater expert who can answer all your water heater questions.